Montenach natural reserve

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Montenach natural reserve

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Montenach: the beautiful natural reserve

Located 25km from Thionville, the Montenach national nature reserve stretches over the slopes of six hills. It is a vast area with a wide range of species to discover. More than 23 species of orchids and over 600 species of butterflies have been counted. The diversity of flora is astonishing. Montenach offers a first-class natural habitat for animal species as well: foxes, rabbits, deer, frogs... In Montenach, you can walk with friends, hike with your family and enjoy exploring the treasures of this nature reserve with its many facets of beauty. Also worth a visit is the Maison de la Nature du Pays de Sierck, the ideal starting point for discovery trails.

Found at: The Maison de la Nature du pays de Sierck is located 25 km north-east of Thionville, 30 minutes from ACE Hôtel Thionville.

La Maison de la Nature
Rue des Ponts
57480 Montenach