Maison Schild

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Maison Schild

Shild: pastry shop to discover during your stay at the hotel

Maison Schild: the cult address for gourmets

Here they knead, knead and shape with love! The people of Thionville make no mistake and flock to this artisanal bakery to savour the creations of Sébastien Schild. Made with the best flours, the man of art creates the best stollens, spritz, speculos, gingerbread and brioches in Thionville. Take advantage of your stroll through the town centre to go to Schild's!

Found at: The Maison Schild is located near the Tour aux Puces Museum, a few minutes from ACE Hotel Thionville.

Maison Schild
7 rue Mersch
57100 Thionville