Fort de Guentrange

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Fort de Guentrange

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Fort de Guentrange: military history

Built at the beginning of the 20th century by the Germans (from 1899 to 1906), the Guentrage fort dominates Thionville. Operational in 1906, the "Feste Obergentringen" was designed to accommodate a garrison of nearly 2000 men. Its mission was to protect the town and its important railway junction against French attacks. The Fort of Guentrange was not attacked during the First World War. After the war, it became French and was integrated into the Maginot Line. In 1940, the Germans took it over as a depot until the American army took it over in 1944. In 1958, it became an ammunition depot. Since 1971, the structure no longer has a military vocation but it has become a remarkable site, a major testimony to military tourism in Lorraine. Don't wait to see it during your stay at the hotel.

Found at: The Fort of Guentrange is located only 6 km from ACE Hotel Thionville.

Fort de Guentrange
Chemin du Fort
57100 Thionville